October 6, 2019


The abattoir covers 57,600 square feet of land and consists of two major portions comprising of Italian meat processing plant (slaughter house / chilling plants) and lairage, where live stock is rested for about 48 hours after its arrival. The meat processing plants/chillers cover 7,200 square feet area and sheds are constructed on 3.600 square feet of land which has the capacity to hold 4,000 animals. The lairage facility is constructed strictly according to international high standards with a preference to hygienic requirements.

Slaughtering capacity: 103,680 cattle and 518,400 goat/sheep per year
Chilling Unit: 40 ton per day
Cold Store: 80 ton per day

Mechanized Slaughtering Line

The processing plant/slaughter house is divided into three major portions (slaughtering, cleaning/ packing, chilling/ freezing). The slaughter house has two portions one each for beef and mutton which is equipped with latest slaughtering machines recently important from Italy and installed. The semi-automated machine carries out slaughtering de-hiding and cutting of the carcasses.

Conveyer belts are installed which carry the carcasses automatically from one section of the plant to another for necessary processing and minimizing the human touch ensuring hygienic standards besides operating swiftly.

Meat Hygiene & Inspection

The cattle and goats/sheep are initially rested for 2-3 days and then re-inspected by qualified doctors for its health certification. The animals with a slightest of doubt for their healthiness are segregated and sent to the specified lairage. After section of the most suitable ones the slaughtering process starts by semi-automated machines strictly according to Islamic regulations. De-hiding and removal of off-alls is done by the automated machines, the bigger animals are cut into/four pieces as required. The whole process is closely monitored by professional supervisors through out the operations.

After required cleansing, carcasses are washed, dried and placed in the chilling plants for specified time and temperature before delivery for exports.

Chilling & Freezing

The plant consists of five chilling units with a capacity to chill fifty tons of meat and blast freez with a capacity to blast freeze sixty tons of meat at one time.


The company has fleet of 5 chiller vans to transport 22 tons of meat from the abattoir to airport at on time. The stand-by power generation unit is available to ensure the un-interrupted power supply for continuous operations.